[wingide-users] Doesn't stop at breakpoints

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Wed Oct 18 12:16:05 MDT 2006

Can you provide a pointer to a faq or tutorial about setting up and 
debugging a CGI like this?

I'm familiar (sort of) with the material in the help distribution, and I 
haven't had the courage yet to try what Shiela has done -- and GOOD ON YOU, 
SHIELA! I, too, want to debug a CGI-invoked python script running on a linux 
dedicated server from my Windows XP box here on a broadband connection. It 
would make my life *SO* much easier to be able to actually debug the Linux 
execution from this WinXP box. I've always figured that with the distance, 
processor and OS differences, and network vagaries it would be impossible.

Is there a wiki or some similar collaborative site where we might learn more 
about this?

Tom S.

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> Sheila King wrote:
>> OK, I put in an
>> assert False
> > ...
>> So are we sane? What did the results of the sanity test show?
> The sanity tests showed that the debugger is working, the connection to 
> the IDE works, and that the IDE could bring up the correct file when the 
> process being debugged stops.
>> Anyway, after I conducted the above two tests, the IDE started working as 
>> I
>> expected it to and stopping on breakpoints I had put in the code.
> Ahh, modifying the file also had the side effect of causing the .pyc file 
> to be recompiled.  It may have contained a different filename before --  
> the .pyc file contains the .py filename at the time it was compiled. 
> Removing .pyc files before debugging is a way to fix this problem.  This 
> doesn't explain why it worked previously from the Mac, however, so it 
> could have been something else.
> Cheers,
> John
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