[wingide-users] Doesn't stop at breakpoints

Sheila King sheila at thinkspot.net
Wed Oct 18 11:30:08 MDT 2006

--On Friday, October 13, 2006 10:51 AM -0400 Wingware Support
<support at wingware.com> wrote:

> Sheila King wrote:
>> So, I'm doing remote CGI debugging.
>> I have two local computers that I use where I run the WingIDE client.
>> Sometimes an iMac and sometimes a Win2K machine.
>> I store all the code on the iMac. I use a local network drive  
>> mapping on
>> the Win2K machine, and have drive G: mapped to the iMac's hard drive.
> Is the web server on the Mac?

No. It is on a Linux server on the other side of the country, about 3000
miles away.

> My suspicion is this is a location map
> issue and suggest that you check its value in preferences.

Well, I don't think this is the case...I believe I have finally got  
all the
mappings worked out. (I sent in another ticket/mailing list email a  
of weeks ago on this matter, and got some help from someone at  

> A way to do a quick sanity check is to either trigger an exception  
> in the
> script (with something like 'assert False' or 'a = 1/0') or do a  
> pause in
> the IDE while the cgi script is running.

OK, I put in an
assert False

and that definitely raised an exception and stopped at that point in the

It's hard to "pause" the IDE while the CGI is running. ('Tis the  
nature of
CGI that the script should complete fairly quickly...by the time I  
it in the browser and switch to the IDE it's usually done...but I did
manage it once about of about 5 tries, and it did pause for me.)

So are we sane? What did the results of the sanity test show?

Anyway, after I conducted the above two tests, the IDE started  
working as I
expected it to and stopping on breakpoints I had put in the code.

I didn't change anything. I'm totally flabbergasted as to why it worked
last night but didn't previously. Sigh....


Sheila King

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