[wingide-users] Line wrap doesn't work properly

Kai Schmitte kschmitte at voiceobjects.com
Wed Oct 18 05:50:39 MDT 2006

Hello All,
I have a weird problem with Wing 2.1.0-1 (on W2K):
The automatic line wrap does not work properly - every time I open a new
file (or Wing itself), I need to:
 - go to the Preferences
 - change the "Wrap Long Lines" setting
 - choose Apply
 - change the setting back again 
- close the Preferences with OK 
to have wrapped lines.
What is somhow annoying, as I'm currently creating TCs where I simply
need to write out information about the bug, the place where it was
found, etc. - so the lines tend to get quite long. And scrolling to the
side always lets me lose my context...
And what is even more weird, that this cannot be seen on my Laptop
(WinXP) ...
Is there any Idea, how I could make this setting "stay"?
Thanks for your help!
Kai Schmitte
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