[wingide-users] Strange exception in debugger

Konrad Hinsen konrad.hinsen at laposte.net
Mon Oct 16 10:41:07 MDT 2006

When I run my application in the debugger, it crashes with an  
exception in a __getattr__ method where the requested attribute is  
"__hash__", which the object doesn't have. There is no code in the  
stack trace that requests "__hash__", so I suspect that it's a  
request originating in the Python interpreter. Outside of the  
debugger, there is no exception and hash() applied to that object  
returns id(), which is at it should be.

Is this a case where I should check "ignore this exception location"?  
I don't want to remove exception checking for the __getattr__ method  
as a whole, just for the "__hash__" attribute.

In case it matters, I am running Python 2.5 on a Mac and WingIDE 2.1.3.


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