[wingide-users] Newbie question

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Oct 13 14:01:31 MDT 2006

Philippe C. Martin wrote:
>> Small world, Philippe -- how's it going? I'm wondering if maybe your modules 
>> aren't part of a package and they're nested in the package? It seems to me 
>> that if everything shows up in the Class list, it should show up in the 
>> module list too.
> Indeed!

It sounds a bug in Wing -- modules in a subdirectory without an 
__init__.py do not belong to any package and won't be displayed in the 
browser if the directory is in a package.  For example if you have a 
test directory without an __init__.py (by design) underneath a package 
directory, the modules in the test directory will not show up in the 
source browser.

The question would be whether it's better to nest them under the package 
in the browser or to show them at the toplevel.  I find that this list 
gets very long and less useful in large projects.



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