[wingide-users] WingIDE 2.1.3 and Zope Page Template encoding

Frey, Peter Peter.Frey at haufe.de
Fri Oct 13 00:23:20 MDT 2006


I read the highlights for WingIDE 2.1.3 and especially this one is of interest to me:

"Handle Zope Page Template encoding the same way Zope does"

Great. Unfortunately I found no information on how to set the encoding for the page template.
Our problem: because of Ajax (and XMLHttpRequest aka XHR issues) we keep our Page Templates encoded in UTF8.

The reduce the danger to type in latin-1 (aka windows cp1252) encoded chars that are not valid for utf8
We currently work with UltraEdit but would like to switch to WingIDE

So how can I encode the information in the page template that it is UTF8 encoded and make WingIDE respect that?
The Byte Order Mark for UTF8 is ignored (even worse, displayed in the editor) and when I type in a extended latin-1 character
Like german umlaut a (ä) it is not utf8 encoded

Unfortunately I failed to find any info on that using the query '"Zope Page Template" encoding'


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