[wingide-users] Re: External Remote options- not part of "current project" settings

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 18:45:24 MDT 2006

Is there a way to explicitly show which settings are really "project
specific", and which are global?
It almost defeats the purpose of having project specific settings, if some
are not really project specific.

On 10/9/06, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Oct 2006, Tony Cappellini wrote:
> > I had "passive listen" enabled in a project 'A', closed the project and
> > opened a different project.
> >
> > Turned off 'passive listen' in project B, apply, closed project, opened
> > project A, verified Passive listen was on
> >
> > Close Project A,
> >
> > Opened Project B. Passive listen was set again in project B, even though
> I
> > had turned it off, and applied that previously in project B.
> >
> > It appears as the project specific settings are not sticking.
> This is actually a preference and not a project specific setting.
> We felt it more likely people wanted it user-wide (a preference)
> rather than project specific.  Also, it's theoretically a bit
> safer from a security standpoint not to have a listener start up
> automagically when a project is opened, as it might if this
> setting were project specific.
> Stephan Deibel
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