[wingide-users] Autocompletion

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Oct 9 18:21:02 MDT 2006

On Tue, 10 Oct 2006, Fabio Corneti wrote:
> > Do you have Zope support enabled in Project Properties under the
> > Extensions tab and have a Zope Instance Home selected there?
> > 
> > This tells Wing to mirror Zope's magic handling of the "Products"
> > directory, which isn't a true package in the way Python normally
> > handles them but is special cased by Zope's import machinery.
> > 
> > Once this is done, the above case works for me.  Please let me
> > know if this doesn't help.
> Yes, Zope support is enabled, and the first import syntax (from Products
> import ...) autocompletes correctly;		
> but Wing seems unable to autocomplete an import like from
> Products.Archetypes import ...
> Archetypes is detected correctly, as it appears in the dropdown list after I
> type "from Products import.."; it just
> doesn't seem to be "resolved" correctly in a compound import statement.

Hmm, I wonder if your Zope Instance isn't pointing to the 
location of the Archetypes directory correctly?  I have mine set 
up with etc/zope.conf containing:

products /home/sdeibel/work/zope/Plone-2.0.5

And that's where Archetypes is located.

Wing reads etc/zope.conf and looks for this among other 
configuration values that point Zope at the various bits of code 
it semi-automagically finds.

Hope that helps!

- Stephan

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