[wingide-users] General Document Open Failed

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:47:05 MDT 2006

I'm debugging using the "python -i" approach.
.wingdebugpw and wingstub.py are in the current directory, kembedded is set
Do these files need to be in every directory for files that are being
stepped into, or just the main project directory?

Enable Passive Listen is checked/enabled.

I've set some breakpoints, and I'm stepping through the code.

When I get to a specific call, Failed to open document MyFilename.py  is
I've made that file part of the project, closed and re-opened the project,
and I've opened that file in the editor.
But when I call that function, Wing tells me it cannot open it, without
stating why.

If I don't set breakpoints, I can execute the function call just fine.

Would you explain what is causing this? I really need to be able to step
into this call.

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