[wingide-users] Re: syntax coloring

Wyatt Baldwin wyatt at bycycle.org
Wed Oct 4 15:07:26 MDT 2006

Wingware Support <support <at> wingware.com> writes:
> On Sat, 23 Sep 2006, Lee Connell wrote:
>> I want wing to apply syntax coloring rules to different file types.  I am
>> using myghty templates and I want the *.myt extension to use the *.html >>
syntax coloring rules.  How do I do this?  I tried adding the *.myt >> extension
to file sets under HTML/XML but that didn't do anything.
> Under Preferences in Files / File Types / Extra File Types, add
> an entry with myt and HTML file type.
> You probably will need to close/reopen already-open *.myt files.
> I don't know much about myghty -- is this a file extension we
> should perhaps add to our default set as HTML files?

I would say, no, don't add it as an HTML type. HTML highlighting works OK (not
very well, really) for simple .myt files, but doesn't work at all when using
various common Myghty syntax.

Myghty uses constructs like these:

<% expression %>
<& method call &>
<%python>Python statements</%python>
% Python statement

I would vote for a separate "mode" for .myt files, but I'm not sure enough
people are using Myghty and Wing together to make that worth your while,
although I saw a VIM syntax file on the Myghty site and it looked pretty simple
(it was short anyway).

I'd be interested in porting the VIM version to Wing (at least for my own
personal use), if I knew how to create a mode for Wing. I may do some further
research into this, depending on what I hear here.

Wyatt Baldwin

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