[wingide-users] Templates tool gone?

Wyatt Baldwin wyatt at bycycle.org
Tue Oct 3 21:58:49 MDT 2006

I just noticed and started using the templates tool about a week ago.
Some time in the last few days it seems to have disappeared. I
upgraded recently to 2.1.2-1 but didn't notice if the tool disappeared

On an unrelated (?) note, I had set up a remove-trailing-whitespace
function/key-binding, copied from this list. It suddenly stopped
working, but my other custom key bindings still work.

[BTW, I would vote for having remove-trailing-whitespace be a built in
feature. Personally, I would set it to "always".]

I wonder if there could be some connection between these and/or if
there might have been some type of corruption I can fix by

Wyatt Baldwin

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