[wingide-users] "cannot infer type" more visible

Tim Terlegård tim at se.linux.org
Tue Oct 3 16:22:21 MDT 2006


Is there a way to get "cannot infer type" errors more visible, like with
red that other syntax errors are shown?

I just downloaded WingIDE and am trying it out, but what I mostly want is
an IDE that can tell me that this file will result in errors if it's run.
I see that WingIDE detects when a variable isn't defined or a method is
called that isn't there or a class is used that isn't imported. I'd really
like that to show clearly in red so I can fix it right away. It's consuming
lots of time for instance to restart Zope or some other server because of a
simple typo. So this is the feature I'm searching for. Is it possible to
make the error more visible?


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