[wingide-users] Strange numbers...

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Nov 30 08:46:14 MST 2006

Hugh Gibson wrote:
>> This is something we need to add and will try to do so in the next 
>> release.  You may want to try switching by filename using the 
>> 'switch-document' command, particularly since the tabs are reordered 
>> as files are opened and closed.
> I'm not sure what you are suggesting - do you mean that I put fixed filenames in the keymapping? That's not going to work.

I'm suggesting that an option is to use 'switch-document' (Ctrl-K Ctrl-S 
in visual studio mapping, Ctrl-X B in emacs) and type the fragment of 
the filename you want to switch to.  It's an alternative to switching to 
specific tab by number, not a replacement, that has the advantage of 
working when there are many files open and across file opens & closes 
that cause the tabs to be reordered.



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