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gary.h.merrill at gsk.com gary.h.merrill at gsk.com
Fri Nov 24 15:48:34 MST 2006

That's right.  I do understand that it is likely that many people don't 
use separate windows.  In fact, that's one thing I dislike about the lack 
of flexibility of Visual Studio:  You get at most two source windows and 
then have to live with tabs.

I suppose it's a mark of my stubborness that I continue to like to work 
with multiple windows which can overlay one another.  But I feel it is 
much easier to navigate among windows in that way and my productivity is 
increased.  One of my interns employs the "everything is full screen" 
approach that has become quite common, and I'm always astounded at how 
much time is spent flicking back and forth between full screen displays to 
compare or copy things.  But to each his own when it comes to editing and 

I guess one thing I don't understand is why the design of the windowing 
options, menus, and such is not uniform across your different windowing 
modes.  It seems like you'd almost have to special-case features like this 
in order for them to be different across the different modes.

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24-Nov-2006 15:36
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Re: [wingide-users] Tool Box tab positions

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006, Wingware Support wrote:
> gary.h.merrill at gsk.com wrote:
> > The functionality implemented
> > and made accessibile to the user in the interface is ONLY to move the 
> > to the OPPOSITE side/end of the window.  There is NO way to move the 
tabs to
> > an ADJACENT side.  Right?
> Do you see a popup menu when you right click on a tab label?  It should
> contain something like:
>   Insert tool >
>     [list of possible tools]
>   Move [tool name] to >
>     New window
>     Right/Left Toolbox [if on top/bottom]
>     Bottom/Top Toolbox [if on right/left]
>   Remove [tool name]
> The menu is dynamically generated so the contents depend on the tool and 
> position.  To move a tool from the bottom to the left, click to bring up 
> popup menu and then select Move [tool name] to > Left Toolbox.

I think I just figured out what Gary means.  If you are in 
separate toolbox windows mode or one window per editor mode then 
you get the options to move the note book tabs as part of the 
above menu, but only right/left are given as the choices.

Sorry for the confusion.  If that's not right, please let us 

- Stephan

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