[wingide-users] Tool Box tab positions

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Nov 24 13:29:14 MST 2006

gary.h.merrill at gsk.com wrote:
> The functionality implemented
> and made accessibile to the user in the interface is ONLY to move the tabs 
> to the OPPOSITE side/end of the window.  There is NO way to move the tabs 
> to an ADJACENT side.  Right?

Do you see a popup menu when you right click on a tab label?  It should 
contain something like:
   Insert tool >
     [list of possible tools]
   Move [tool name] to >
     New window
     Right/Left Toolbox [if on top/bottom]
     Bottom/Top Toolbox [if on right/left]
   Remove [tool name]

The menu is dynamically generated so the contents depend on the tool and 
its position.  To move a tool from the bottom to the left, click to 
bring up the popup menu and then select Move [tool name] to > Left Toolbox.



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