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gary.h.merrill at gsk.com gary.h.merrill at gsk.com
Fri Nov 24 13:15:15 MST 2006

"You can click on the down triangle to the right of the notebook tabs or 
right click on the tab to bring up a positioning menu.  Items on the 
menu will allow you to move the tool to another notebook, split the 
notebook in two, remove the tool, and perform other tool operations.

Well, at least it seems as though I haven't overlooked any interface 

Please read my description of the problem again.  If your tabs are at the 
top, then the ONLY selection for moving them is to the bottom ("Place tabs 
at bottom").  There is NO selection for moving them to the left or the 
right.   If your tabs are at the left, then the ONLY selection for moving 
them is to the right.  If your tabs are at the right, then the ONLY 
selection for moving them is to the left.  The functionality implemented 
and made accessibile to the user in the interface is ONLY to move the tabs 
to the OPPOSITE side/end of the window.  There is NO way to move the tabs 
to an ADJACENT side.  Right?

I don't care if you implement the CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY via drag and drop 
some time in the future.  The issue is that the CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY is 
not sufficient.   But you could fix it now with about 15 minutes work, eh? 
 If your tabs are on the left, then there should be THREE selectable 
alternatives:  "Place tabs on right", "Place tabs on top", and "Place tabs 
on bottom".  Etc.  As I said, right now the only way to accomplish some of 
this is direct editing of the project file.

Gary H. Merrill, Principal Scientist
Analysis Applications, Research, and Technologies
GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development
Research Triangle Park, NC
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