[wingide-users] activation transfer

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Nov 21 10:44:03 MST 2006

Dave Aitel wrote:
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> The activation thing annoys me a lot - I've gone through about 10
> laptops/vms/installs in the past couple years, and now my license is
> broken and I'm using Eric3 while I wait for IT to install another
> laptop. It would be cool at some point to have volume licenses for
> small companies so we can just install Wing on all our developers
> laptops as part of the standard build.

We do offer -- you just have to ask.  How many activations do you need 
and on which licenses?  You can also do increases yourself at 
http://wingware.com/license  Activations should never be a reason not to 
use Wing.

> Other cool features for small (10 developer) python shops would be
> some sort of collaborative environment to handle TODO lists and other
> random things. WingIDE Enterprise Studio or something. I still want a
> threaded debugger more though. :>

Threaded debugging is in development so it will happen.  Collaborative 
TODO's will be handled through version control, which will be more 
tightly integrated with the IDE.



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