[wingide-users] activation transfer

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Mon Nov 20 18:06:07 MST 2006

In a few days when I've got everything off it, I will be  
decommissioning my PowerBook G4 and replacing it with this Mac Book  
Pro. I need to de-activated the PowerBook and activate Wing on this MBP.

I have an Open Source Dual-Platform Developer License:


My customer number is 12120039.

Do you send me a new activation code, is that how it works? I promise  
everything's going to be erased from the PowerBook on or about  
December 4 (when I give it back to the college).


Charles Hartman

P.S. Please note that this means I'm shifting this copy from a PPC to  
an i386 version. Please also note that this does NOT affect my iMac  
(with an i386 version) -- that's my own computer (rather than the  
college's), and I'll keep using it.

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