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Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Mon Nov 20 09:10:48 MST 2006

Thanks for the feedback, all... lots of good suggestions to check out.

Regarding some comments on C being dead and only C++ being used, this just isn't true and is said from a restricted point of view.  The programming world is certainly not exclusively for desktop-computer-like applications (although this is obviously the biggest market)!  Some embedded processors don't have compilers readily available that can understand C++.  Lots do, but not all.

The project that is sparking this request is an embedded one, and the available IDE doesn't have many of the features I've become spoiled by in my cozy coding-for-the-pc world.  I'm simply looking for something that will help me digest existing code without making me feel like I'm back in the 80s, leaping from file to file doing searches to find where things are defined.  I'll still have to revert to the provided IDE for things like uploading the image and doing in-circuit debugging, but would rather do the actual coding in a friendlier environment.

It's kind of a moot point, since any C++ environment must, by definition, still understand good ol' K&R or ansi C.  I just couldn't resist commenting on statements like C being thoroughly outdated...  C++ is still an extension to C the last time I checked.

Thanks again for the excellent suggestions.  I'll refrain from non-Wing mails on this list from now on...

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Russell Warren wrote:
> I hate to ask this on this mailing list, but since you all know Wing, you all know what I'm looking for...
> What do you use when editing C?

Except for really crotchedy members of the C++ Standard Committee, no
one in the programming world really uses C anymore. Everyone uses C++
instead. C is only brought up when other language supporters want to
make some point about their favorite language as opposed to C, while
ignoring some 20 years or so of C++, which has made C thoroughly
outdated. I assume you also mean C++ when you say C.

I once had a brutal discussion with Alex Martelli of Python fame, whose
excellent "Python in a Nutshell" is my Python bible, on the Python
language NG about C++ vs. Python, and his conception of C++ was actually
some 20 years out of date and he was essentially actually talking about
C instead. Unfortunately this led him to make some really ridiculous
statements about C++. Nonetheless his knowledge and writing about Python
is excellent.

I use Codewright, an excellent editor which was bought up and killed by
Borland, a company profoundly successful in buying up and killing good
editors, but it still works fine in Windows. It does not work
unfortunately in Linux at all ( boo hoo ). Nonetheless it has good, if
not great, support for C++. I deplore all the fancy code completion C++
stuff in other editors, but I am a crotchedy person who enjoys syntax
highlighting, code folding, and little else in my language editors.

I still enjoy Wing for Python very much however, mainly because of the
great debugging features, while I ignore most of the fancy editor
features and still prefer to use Codewright even for Python code.

Good luck in finding a C++ editor.

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