[wingide-users] Re: What are people using for C

Edward Diener eldiener at tropicsoft.com
Sun Nov 19 15:20:25 MST 2006

Russell Warren wrote:
> I hate to ask this on this mailing list, but since you all know Wing, you all know what I'm looking for...
> What do you use when editing C?

Except for really crotchedy members of the C++ Standard Committee, no
one in the programming world really uses C anymore. Everyone uses C++
instead. C is only brought up when other language supporters want to
make some point about their favorite language as opposed to C, while
ignoring some 20 years or so of C++, which has made C thoroughly
outdated. I assume you also mean C++ when you say C.

I once had a brutal discussion with Alex Martelli of Python fame, whose
excellent "Python in a Nutshell" is my Python bible, on the Python
language NG about C++ vs. Python, and his conception of C++ was actually
some 20 years out of date and he was essentially actually talking about
C instead. Unfortunately this led him to make some really ridiculous
statements about C++. Nonetheless his knowledge and writing about Python
is excellent.

I use Codewright, an excellent editor which was bought up and killed by
Borland, a company profoundly successful in buying up and killing good
editors, but it still works fine in Windows. It does not work
unfortunately in Linux at all ( boo hoo ). Nonetheless it has good, if
not great, support for C++. I deplore all the fancy code completion C++
stuff in other editors, but I am a crotchedy person who enjoys syntax
highlighting, code folding, and little else in my language editors.

I still enjoy Wing for Python very much however, mainly because of the
great debugging features, while I ignore most of the fancy editor
features and still prefer to use Codewright even for Python code.

Good luck in finding a C++ editor.

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