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James Matthews nytrokiss at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 15:54:16 MST 2006

Visual Studio C++

On 11/18/06, Thomas E. Lackey <telackey at redbudcomputer.com> wrote:
> +1 for both Visual Studio and KDevelop.  Visual Studio C++ Express,
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/visualc/, is very nice,
> especially for the price (free), and the project files are compatible
> with all versions of VS2005, so one can upgrade or share project files
> will Std. or Pro. seamlessly.  I think the most critical thing to me is
> that its debugger is second to none.  The "edit and continue" and "set
> next statement" abilities are large plusses when debugging.  I don't
> have too many complaints about it.  The most serious would be stability,
> as I have had it crash inexplicably or the compiler give spurious
> errors.  I don't recall ever losing any work from a crash however.
> KDevelop isn't quite so polished, but is the best I've used on Linux,
> and is a very welcome improvement over vi+gdb.  My biggest complaints
> for it would also start with stability, as it has crashed on me several
> times, and they would go on to usability.  It does not match VS's
> ability to jump to declarations and definitions, its auto-complete is
> OK, but not as great, and debugging with multiple threads is a bit
> crazy, as taking a step tends to jump the position back and forth
> between separate broken threads without really giving any indication
> what one you were on before you hit "step" versus what one you are on
> now.  That could just be gdb though, as all the UN*X ones use gdb at the
> back.   The description sounds harsh, since I didn't list its good
> points.  Suffice to say that it is a good product; good enough to be
> worth purchasing if it didn't happen to be OSS and freely available
> already.
> Eclipse/CDT is another option, and has the advantage of being usable on
> both platforms.  However, I have had numerous problems with the debugger
> and CDT that I have not had with KDevelop, which spoiled it for all but
> very simple projects.  Some of the Eclipse editing / source browsing
> features are ahead of KDevelop though, and might be worth a try as
> perhaps my problems were isolated.
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> Thomas E Lackey
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> > Russell Warren schrieb:
> > > What do you use when editing C?
> > >
> > On Windows, Visual Studio (even the free Express version) has
> everything
> > you list plus a good debugger, too. On Linux, KDevelop seems to be
> > similar to Visual Studio.
> >
> >
> > Markus
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