[wingide-users] RE: What are people using for C

Thomas E. Lackey telackey at redbudcomputer.com
Sat Nov 18 14:01:14 MST 2006

+1 for both Visual Studio and KDevelop.  Visual Studio C++ Express,
http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/visualc/, is very nice,
especially for the price (free), and the project files are compatible
with all versions of VS2005, so one can upgrade or share project files
will Std. or Pro. seamlessly.  I think the most critical thing to me is
that its debugger is second to none.  The "edit and continue" and "set
next statement" abilities are large plusses when debugging.  I don't
have too many complaints about it.  The most serious would be stability,
as I have had it crash inexplicably or the compiler give spurious
errors.  I don't recall ever losing any work from a crash however.

KDevelop isn't quite so polished, but is the best I've used on Linux,
and is a very welcome improvement over vi+gdb.  My biggest complaints
for it would also start with stability, as it has crashed on me several
times, and they would go on to usability.  It does not match VS's
ability to jump to declarations and definitions, its auto-complete is
OK, but not as great, and debugging with multiple threads is a bit
crazy, as taking a step tends to jump the position back and forth
between separate broken threads without really giving any indication
what one you were on before you hit "step" versus what one you are on
now.  That could just be gdb though, as all the UN*X ones use gdb at the
back.   The description sounds harsh, since I didn't list its good
points.  Suffice to say that it is a good product; good enough to be
worth purchasing if it didn't happen to be OSS and freely available

Eclipse/CDT is another option, and has the advantage of being usable on
both platforms.  However, I have had numerous problems with the debugger
and CDT that I have not had with KDevelop, which spoiled it for all but
very simple projects.  Some of the Eclipse editing / source browsing
features are ahead of KDevelop though, and might be worth a try as
perhaps my problems were isolated.

Thomas E Lackey

> Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 22:09:56 +0100
> From: Markus Meyer <meyer at mesw.de>
> Subject: Re: [wingide-users] What are people using for C
> To: Russell Warren <rwarren at picarro.com>
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> Russell Warren schrieb:
> > What do you use when editing C?
> >
> On Windows, Visual Studio (even the free Express version) has
> you list plus a good debugger, too. On Linux, KDevelop seems to be
> similar to Visual Studio.
> Markus

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