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I assume you mean on Windows since you mention Notepad++. I used to use
the commercial editor Codewright, but after moving to Windows XP, the
older version I had had a few minor incompatibilities.

I switched to http://www.crimsoneditor.com/. Not as feature-laden as
Codewright, but it does have projects, file search, etc., and meets my
Hasn't been updated for 2 years, but still very good.


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I hate to ask this on this mailing list, but since you all know Wing,
you all know what I'm looking for...

What do you use when editing C?

Normally I just do edits in Wing with the C view or use another souped
up syntax highlighter like Notepad ++, but I've just inherited a large C
project and could use more advanced features like I'm now accustomed
to/spolied by with Wing.

Syntax highlighted editors are a dime a dozen it seems, but I'm looking
for stuff like:

- Syntax highlighting
- Good search features (file on disk, all open files, etc)
- Code completion (including stuff that is #included)
- Goto definition (Wing's ctrl-click) (bridging to #include libraries,
- Project files
- Project browsing
- Not emacs/vi

Surely there must be something vaguely Wing-like for C?  I've been
downloading editor after editor and none really cut it so far.

Thanks, and sorry for the loosely-connected-to-Wing topic...

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