[wingide-users] Menu and GUI problems 2.1.3-1 Windoze

John Goodleaf john at goodleaf.net
Tue Nov 14 10:58:43 MST 2006

Lemme preface this by saying this seems like something that's come
up in the mailing list, but which I've overlooked. If that's the
case, please point me toward a posting. I freely confess that it's
my own damn fault if I wasn't paying attention, so you can even mock
me. (Is there a _searchable_ archive of this list?)

I tend to work on OS X but also have a Windows license. Lately I've
noticed some trouble with the Windows client. I'm not sure whether
it's come up because of the upgrade to 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 or the code
has just gotten to a certain size. I have not been rigorous about
documenting the manifestation.

Anyway, the troubles are these:
1) I can no longer right-click in the editor to get a context menu.
If I right-click, absolutely nothing happens, except that the mouse
arrow itself changes color (from black to white then black again).
2) The SVN menu does not work. Alright, it does work, but only if I
first click some other menu and then slide the mouse over to SVN. If
I click the SVN menu directly, nothing happens. Invoking it with the
keyboard does work.

Win XP SP2.

If I didn't have other deadlines, I'd have attacked these issues a
while back. Instead, I have only this rather vague and late report
(I've just been working around it, using the keyboard).

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