[wingide-users] Get name of selected file or dir in project context script?

Mike Higgins mike at higginsmail.com
Sat Nov 4 14:33:18 MST 2006

I see how to run commands from a script, but how do I get information 
such as the name of the currently selected file in the project window?  
I started to write a project browser context script to create a new file 
in the currently selected area of the project tree, but I see only 
commands; nothing that returns values to a script.  Are scripts really 


PS.  I bet the Wing Developers don't create new projects from scratch 
very much.  If they did, I think that you would be able to *easily* 
create a new file in a project (instead of the multi-step process you 
have to go through now.)

PPS. The documentation says that Wing will look for scripts in my 
settings directory in the scripts folder.  Mine came out of the box 
*not* set that way, which took me about an hour to figure out.

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