[wingide-users] How to Disable Tab Size Force

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Nov 3 08:49:29 MST 2006

Laszlo Antal wrote:
> When I copy and paste a block of code into an other file,
> wingide change my existing indentation  with a message "Tab Size Force To
> Eight".
> When I use Indentation manager to restore it to 4 space then my previous
> indentation(the default 4 space) gets de-indented. So I have to go back and
> indent everything manually.This is a real pain.
> How can I disable it?

This is a problem.  What's happening here is that new text is being 
inserted that doesn't match the existing indentation style, which I 
assume is space only.  Wing is forcing tab size to 8 because that's how 
the python interpreter will interpret it; if it wasn't 8, there'd be a 
good possibility that what you see in terms of indent levels wouldn't 
match what the interpreter "sees".

Are the existing 4 space indents being changed when you paste the new 
text?  If they aren't, you should be able to convert tabs to spaces -- 
the new text will probably be indented with 8 spaces at this point and 
probably will need to be adjusted.

This could be improved if there were a way to adjust indents on selected 
lines because you could replace tabs with 4 characters.  A workaround 
for now is to use search & replace to do this.



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