[wingide-users] Code completion not working with file object in Win32 Python2.5

James Matthews nytrokiss at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 21:40:01 MST 2006

I am using Python 2.5 native Win32 and when i give some code like:
a = open('file','aw')
a. -----------------> here is where i don't have the code completion it
gives me a box with a few options not near as many as there are now i am
coming from ActiveState's python 2.4.3 and it runs great under that but i
have to mode to python 2.5 is there anyway i can get the full code

An intersting thing is that when i use any method wingware will find the
code in it's internal files so i will see the source browser give me a
description however i won't see the code completion!

Thanks for you help support here is great keep up the great work!

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