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Tue May 30 16:55:14 EDT 2006

On Tue, 30 May 2006, Russell Warren wrote:
> I recall, and the manual still states, that you could change 
> the syntax highlighting to use for a file on the fly from the 
> file properties dialog ("Source->Current File Properties", or 
> in the context menu for the file).  This seems to be missing in 
> 2.1.0-b2, and the only way it looks like I can change it is to 
> pre-configure file types with "Preferences->Editor->FileTypes".
> If this is just a bug, consider this as a bug report!
> If not a bug, consider this as a vote for re-instating 
> on-the-fly syntax highlighting changes.  If not re-instated, 
> the docs need to change.

Are you not seeing the File Types selector (first item on first
tab in File Properties)?  I think the name has changed and b2
docs were not yet updated, sorry.

> Also - I seem to remember that there was an ini file syntax I 
> could pick, but it isn't there.  Am I remembering another tool?  
> Now I just flip over to Notepad++ for my ini edits, but would 
> prefer to stay in Wing for as much as I can.

Try RC File or maybe Properties for the File Type property.
I think one of those should work; let me know if not.


Stephan Deibel

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