[wingide-users] Using wingide to develop and debug SCons based builds

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue May 9 15:23:06 EDT 2006

Allen Bierbaum wrote:
> I have been using wingide to develop and debug SCons (www.scons.org)
> based builds for the past couple of years.  Recently I upgraded to the
> latest pre-release version of SCons and the debugger quit working
> correctly.  Now no matter what I do the wingide debugger doesn't seem
> to find any of the break points I have set.

A good test might be to insert code that causes an exception (e.g. 
'1/0') and see if the debugger stops & what file is displayed.  Can you 
step into a build script?

> Does anyone else use SCons with wingide?  Would any wingide developer
> be willing/able to look into this and see if there is some known
> issue?  It should occur with even the most simple of SCons builds (ie.
> the sample builds have the same issue).

It would help if you could a test case to support at wingware.com along 
with specific version information.



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