[wingide-users] Using Python 2.4.1 on Mac OSX

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com
Wed Mar 29 01:24:54 EST 2006

On Mar 28, 2006, at 4:13 PM, Charles Hartman wrote:

> On Mar 28, 2006, at 3:14 PM, Wingware Support wrote:
>> Ralf Wieseler wrote:
>>> I installed Python 2.4.1  on my Mac (OSX Tiger 10.4.5).
>>> When i am starting Wing IDE the Python Shell window displays Python
>>> 2.3.5 Version (as installed with Tiger)
>>> Now i want to use the newer Version with Wing IDE. How can i do  
>>> that?
>> You can enter the pathname of the Python executable you want to  
>> use in
>> the python executable field in the project properties dialog.  By
>> default, Wing uses the one executed by running 'python' from the
>> command
>> line.
> and (just to clarify) you almost certainly want the one that's in /
> usr/local/bin
> (which is where the 2.4.1 framework installer puts it, so you can use
> it without disturbing (important!!) the Apple-supplied 2.3 version)
> Charles Hartman

(I can't resist mentioning this)

Way back when I tried installing Boa Constructor on OS X 10.4. I ran  
into the same issue of Python versions.

I tried several things to get Boa Constructor up with the appropriate  
version. Being in an ornery mood at the time, I finally resolved the  
issue by completely removing Python and installing 2.4. To do this, I  
had to enable the root account.

When I mentioned this on a different mailing list, several people  
chastised me, both for removing the earlier version of Python, and  
for enabling the root account.

I explained that I disabled the root account as soon as I was  
finished. I also pointed out that I had a valid install DVD, and  
wasn't troubled at the thought of having to use it to restore the OS  
if necessary. Finally, I made it clear that I was more interested in  
an answer to the question I had asked at the time (don't remember  
what it was) than in being chastised.

I got more chastisement :-)

And dire predictions about what would happen to my computer due to  
the missing 2.3 version.

I never got an answer to my questions, and subsequently gave up on  
Boa Constructor.

It's been months, and I still haven't reinstalled Python 2.3. As far  
as I can see, my computer is still working.

Please don't chastise me ;-)

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