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Tom Stambaugh tms at stambaugh-inc.com
Wed Mar 22 12:34:12 EST 2006

I know this has probably come up before, but I just have to ask.

Is it possible to allow me to turn off the tab bar altogether and instead 
open multiple windows inside Wing, one per file? I guess I'm the only cranky 
old fart in the world who prefers that, but I find that I often want to look 
at two or more files side by side -- and I *hate* having to click tabs. It 
seems like drastic overkill to open multiple instances of Wing, if its even 
possible. I actually *like* the overlapping-window paradigm, and I prefer to 
open as many as I want and position them how I want. And yes, I would also 
like to minimize any window to an icon or thumbnail and position *that* on 
the desktop. Basically, I want the inside of the IDE to be *my* desktop, and 
I want to organize it as it suits my needs.


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> Peter Wang wrote:
>> I was just wondering if there was some way to get a second row of editor
>> notebook tabs?  I use vertically split panes, and I usually have lots of 
>> files
>> open.  Some of my filenames are pretty long, so I end up with a max of 
>> 8-9
>> tabs visible.  The tabs become extremely hard to use after the tab bar 
>> fills
>> up, for a couple of reasons:
> No, the editor can only have one row of tabs.  I think fixing the left
> and right arrows is a higher priority than adding more than 1 row.  You
> could try hiding the tabs and using the file menu instead.  Both of your
> suggestions of displaying names in open order and not duplicating all
> tabs in all splits are good ones, but neither is implemented right now.
> Thanks for the suggestions,
> John
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