[wingide-users] Wing 2.1.0-b1 creates files without final newline on Windows

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Sun Mar 19 22:25:30 EST 2006

Rene Pijlman wrote:
> When I create a new Python file in Wing 2.1.0-b1 on Windows XP,
> type some text and save it, Wing creates a file without a final
> newline.

I believe the issue here is that some tools notice if the final line 
does not have a final eol -- cvs is another example, though it merely 
issues a warning.  This is independent of the platform, but some apps 
require the platform specific eol ('\n', '\r', or '\r\n').

We'll add a check to make sure the last line is terminated in a future 

Thanks for the bug report,


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