[wingide-users] Feedback/Suggestions on the new search splitting

Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Wed Mar 15 12:29:19 EST 2006

Overall the new beta is pretty sweet, but so far I'm not a big fan of the way searching has been split in the new beta.  Previously we had what I would consider to be two main modes - primary search and mini-search, where the mode of primary search could be one of several (files, docs, disk, etc).

Now it seems there are 3 modes - Search, Search in Files, and Mini-search, where "Search in Files" now has the different options, and "Search" seems to be nothing more than a glorified mini-search.  I don't see the point?  Especially since "Current file" is in the Search in Files tab.  I really liked setting my search mode and hitting one key to get what I wanted.  If I was in the wrong mode, I just switched it when I realized.

I'm guessing it all comes out of trying to simplify the search functionality tab, which was definitely a bit confusing (although I had gotten use to it).  I definitely like the new layout better, but my personal preference is to keep it to one major search tab/shortcut that can have it's mode switched.

Some suggestions out of this, relative to what it looks like in the current beta:
 1. Turf "Search" tab and go back to the current "Search in Files"
    tab being the main (and only) search tab.  If concerned about
    first time users, default the first case to "Current file".
 2. Add "Selection" to the list of things to "Look in"
 3. Hide the "Filter:"  box for those options that only result in
    searching one file (selection, single file options)


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Did this "Replace in selection" feature make it into 2.1b1? I'm not seeing it.

If not, could I put in a heartfelt vote for it? (It's about the one and only 
thing I have to fire up another editor for.)


Wingware Support wrote:
> Gigi wrote:
>> One thing that bothered me in WingIDE is that it is not possible to
>> perform replace in the selected test only. This is the most useful
>> mode IMO and it's the default in many IDEs. I noticed a thread from
>> April 2005 (search/replace revisited...again) that addresses the same
>> problem. Well, luckilly WingIDe is scriptable and it turned out that
>> is is pretty simple to extend it to support replace in selection.
> Thanks!  It works as advertised after fixing one typo in the script. 
> The replace_in_selection function should be:
> def replace_in_selection(what, with_what):
>    """Replaces 'what' with 'with_what' in the current selection only"""
>    def transform(text):
>      return text.replace(what, with_what)
>    app = wingapi.gApplication
>    editor = app.GetActiveEditor()
>    _transform_selection(editor, transform)
> We still intend to add this functionality to the builtin search and 
> replace tools.
> John
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