[wingide-users] Enhancements ideas

ybastide ybastide at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 13 12:54:12 EST 2006

Wingware Support wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, ybastide wrote:
>> * Define keyboard shortcuts in dialogs (well, at least Return and Escape)
> If you have specific ones that are missing, let us know (note 
> that 2.1beta1 improves the situation over 2.0).

E.g., Edit > Preferences: could Ok and Cancel be bound to Return/Esc?
A specific one is Extension scripting > Search path: Insert (or Edit)

>> * Preferences > Keyboard: let the user define multikey bindings
> In 2.1beta1 I think this should already work by typing them in 
> succession.  If you're using 2.0, it won't work except in emacs 
> mode.

I'm in the "normal" mode. Preferences>Keyboard>Custom key 
bindings>Insert: press the sequence "Escape a". It becomes 
"Command-Escape Command-A", and the binding "Escape a" is not available 
in the editor. Conversely, one can manually add 'Esc A': '...' in 
.wingide2/preferences's gui.keymap-override dict.

>> Assuming you Wingware guys have infinite time :-)
>> * Bind '/' to 'isearch-forward' in read-only windows, such as the Help
>> screen
>> * 'open' minibuffer: process '/' and '~' like XEmacs and the
>> minibuf-electric-gnuemacs package (typing one of them as the first
>> character empty the minibuffer)
> Noted.  I particularly want the second one!

Yes, one of the reasons I kept to XEmacs before finding 
minibuf-electric-gnuemacs for GNU Emacs

About the first one: I guess I'd like bindings per buffer type, but this 
certainly won't happen in 2.1

> Thanks,

Careful: don't be too thankful to people giving you still more work :-)

> - Stephan



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