[wingide-users] method completion

ybastide ybastide at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 13 02:37:45 EST 2006

Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> I suppose that method completion in a dynamic language like Python is
> difficult, since the IDE doesn't always know what type a given object is. I
> currently havve a logging object in self.logger, and typing self.logger.
> doesn't attempt to complete anything, since, I'm guessing that the IDE doesn't
> know what self.logger is. 
> Is there a way that I can give the IDE a hint as to the types, in a language
> that is as weakly typed as Python?

Yep, there's a standard idiom::

if 0:
     assert isinstance(self.logger, Logger)

> Thanks,
> Mike


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