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Walker Hale walkerh at picoscript.com
Thu Mar 9 11:19:05 EST 2006

When implementing this feature, the list of words to highlight should be a
preference setting. I've heard of FIXME, TODO, and BUGBUG. That's just for
English. I'm sure there must be many more even in English. If I recall
correctly, when using Eclipse for Java development, you get three types of
highlights in the side bar: red for errors, yellow for warnings, and blue
for any special comments like TODO.

The yellow for warnings will be the hardest part to implement, so you might
want to skip it the first time you have highlighting. Don't forget that one
man's warning is another's standard practice -- possibly in a third party
library. In the C/C++ world, you not only configure the warnings globally,
but you usually have a #pragma system to turn off certain warnings locally.
In C/C++ you might turn off certain warnings when #including a particularly
obnoxious header (like windows.h). I suppose you could do something similar
for Python, but it seems tricky. Definitely implement the other highlights


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Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> Hey, is there a way to highlight FIXME entries that I put in comments 
> in my code?

This is not currently implemented.  It's something we plan to do, but it
won't be in 2.1.

Thanks for the suggestion,

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