[wingide-users] 2.1 vi keybindings - visual mode/'d'(elete)

Doran_Dermot@emc.com Doran_Dermot at emc.com
Wed Mar 8 05:35:40 EST 2006

I've also noticed the following:
* Using 'A' to append text to the end of the line does not work
properly. It actually works like 'o' and inserts a new line.  Looks like
the command sets the insertion point goes to the end of the buffer and
starts inserting after the carriage return character!

* Using 'G' does not place you at the end of the file.

Still, for all the minor problems it is really great to have vi
bindings!  Now if I could just get out of the habit of using <esc> when
writing emails :-) 

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Another couple of semi-minor issue with the vi keybindings in the 2.1

* When entering visual mode to mark a block of text there doesn't seem
  to be any way to leave visual mode without for example yanking text.
  Regular vi permits leaving visual mode by using 'v'/(shift-'v') a
  second time.

* When deleting a section of text selected in visual mode (with 'd')
  doesn't place the deleted section into a register. This results in the
  user being unable to paste the deleted section somewhere else.
  'd' should basically be the equivalent of first a yank, then a

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