[wingide-users] Search in Files Change in Wing 2.1

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Jun 29 11:10:11 EDT 2006

Russell Warren wrote:
> I was/am also a heavy user of this feature.  To restore ctrl-F to "Search in Files" as we liked in 2.0 you need to rebind control-F to "batch-search(use_selection=True)".  The Wing guys made the change in order to make ctrl-F simpler for first time users.

This was changed in 2.1 final so the selection is always transfered to 
the search entry, except when the selection contains multiple lines.

> Regarding the instant-abort, I think this is a bug.  To get it going again I just click the "Next" button to the left of the "Search Aborted" indication.

This probably should also changed so that the search starts 
automatically when the search text changes as a result of transferring 
the selection.  The workaround is to press <enter> to start the search, 
which is equivalent to clicking next.



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