[wingide-users] Search in Files Change in Wing 2.1

Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Thu Jun 29 10:11:55 EDT 2006

I was/am also a heavy user of this feature.  To restore ctrl-F to "Search in Files" as we liked in 2.0 you need to rebind control-F to "batch-search(use_selection=True)".  The Wing guys made the change in order to make ctrl-F simpler for first time users.

Regarding the instant-abort, I think this is a bug.  To get it going again I just click the "Next" button to the left of the "Search Aborted" indication.


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Hi There

There seems to be a small change in the "Search in Files" function in 
Wing 2.1.  In Wing 2.0.x, it was possible to select a piece of text in 
an editor and hit Ctrl-F and the search would start automatically, 
immediately showing all files which contain that piece of text.

In Wing 2.1 selecting a piece of text and hitting Ctrl-Shift-F puts the 
selected text into the "Search" box but does not start searching 
automatically , there are no matching files shown (and the search panel 
shows "Search Aborted").  It is necessary to manually edit the text in 
the search box (e.g. delete a character from the end of the text) to get 
the search to start again.

This is quite frustrating for me because I used to use the Search in 
Files function in this way a lot.  Is it possible to fix this so that it 
works the same way it did in Wing 2.0.x?  Or have I missed something in 
the preferences?


Peter Butler
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