[wingide-users] printing colors change in 2.1?

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Wed Jun 28 14:32:01 EDT 2006


On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Paul Sijben wrote:
> I upgraded to Wing ide 2.1 pro from 2.0.something.
> However when I print a listing to the color printer all the colors are
> different from what they are on the screen (which are the default ones).
> It is the same if I print to pdf. So this leads me to assume it is not
> in the printer but in WING IDE.
> Where do I tell it to use the same colors on the printer as on the screen?

If you're printing on Linux or OS X, which I am guessing you are, 
the colors are actually decided independently (printing doesn't 
involve the editor at all).  That should be true regardless of 
whether you're printing directly to printer or to PDF.  
Unfortunately, these choices for color can't be altered right 

Printing on Windows works completely differently and should use 
the editor colors except that the background is forced to white 
and that may alter colors if they are not considered distinct 
enough to be visible on white.  Again, that shouldn't be 
different if you print to file or printer.

Of course in either case there's always difference between screen 
and print colors but a green should be green, etc, unless of 
course you're missing some toner colors. ;-)

If you send an error report from the Help menu w/ error log 
included perhaps I can find more detail there.

Stephan Deibel

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