[wingide-users] Tiny feature request

Martin Frankel martin_d_frankel at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 25 03:57:13 EDT 2006

I guess my imagination was insufficient to encompass a Python programmer 
spending the majority of their time editing myriad small, identically 
named files of boilerplate code. I stand corrected, albiet horrified.

Nonetheless, it seems implausible to me that the resulting usability 
conundrums represent flaws of the editor rather than flaws in the 
framework, or that time is better spent modifying the editor rather than 
fixing the workflow.

Surely, if there is a good way to succinctly capture the distinction 
between two identically named files in an editor tab, that is compact, 
self-explanatory, and widely applicable, that would be a great addition 
to Wing for all users. That's a pretty tall order.

> Well, since the files are sorted per name, it's actually pretty damn
> obvious, most of the time. ;-)

Unless they are in different editor windows.

Incidentally, I was just playing around with Wing's implementation of 
numbered buffer tabs and I must admit that it is rather useless, as you 
guys have been saying. I'm used to Emacs where a buffer retains its 
number across editor windows, and as other buffers are opened and 
closed. So for example if I'm spending a lot of time editing three 
Makefiles, I pretty quickly figure out which one is which by number. It 
can be a significant timesaver compared to reading the full paths. But 
in Wing if you close one file, all the others get renumbered and any 
mnemonic value is lost. So y'all have a good point here. I filed a bug.

> It's more a case of you having to
> click through four open files with the same name to see which one it's
> you have to edit.

I already posted two perfectly good, perfectly simple solutions to this 
problem that are already available in Wing. One is a one-click solution 
and the other is a zero-click solution, for any number of identically 
named open files.


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