[wingide-users] Tiny feature request

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at companion.nl
Thu Jun 22 18:01:25 EDT 2006

My suggestion is of course for those situations where you edit several
files with the same filename. The number postfix doesn't help at all,
they might as well be omitted if  you ask me. Tooltips is just as
cumbersome as looking around to see clues what file is currently active.
If I have to move my cursor over several tabs, wait a second to see the
full path, well... I think I make my point. It is a pita and makes me
have to do things that I don't want. All I need is to see, click and
edit. It just bad usability. Gives you bad performance when there are
conflicting targets to click on. 
Fortunately, the guys at Wing agree here ;-). Very wise :-p

The eclipse suggestion seems like a good one (and again, only for those
tabs where the filenames are equal). 

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And yeah, let's give Wing even more the feature creeps by adding another
satisfy everybody-switch in the prefences so that people who love to
have a bad UI can have it.
(Fortunately OSX doesn't make these mistakes and makes (usually good)
choices for us :-p). 
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 > And like I said earlier: almost anything is better than it is now.

I respectfully disagree. I like the tabs precisely the way they are. I
certainly would not like anything that makes them take up more real
estate. Numbers are great because they are maximally compact. Larger
tabs are a big lose. An adaptive algorithm that makes them take up more
space when the space is available is OK, I guess, but who cares about
seeing a lot of info when you have only one or two files open? The time
you really need that information is when the bar is already full. Also
the non-adaptive tabs act as a sort of instant visual bar graph of how
many files you have open. If they were adaptive they would lose that
cue. I know it sounds silly but this type of cue is what good user
interface is made of.

If you want to know exactly what you're editing, there is the tool tip
John mentioned, but there is also the window title which constantly
displays the full path of the file you are typing into.

I think this is a tempest in a teacup.

> By having the tabs on each split makes it very hard to work on several

> files side-by-side.

I use "Separate tool box windows" layout mode, and I open another editor
window rather than opening a split. This follows the behavior you are
requesting, with different tabs in each window. It's perhaps not quite
as convenient as splits, but it's not bad. The only extra real estate
you give up is a few pixels of window manager decoration.


>Charles Hartman wrote:
>>It could also help solve a basically insoluble problem: if tabs are 
>>small enough to be convenient they're too small to hold fully 
>>distinctive names.
>I agree that the tab labels could be better and most of the suggestions

>here are quite good, but currently the way to see the full file name is

>in the tooltip that appears when the mouse hovers over the label.  Are 
>these not appearing?  Wing may need a preference to keep showing these 
>when the other tooltips are turned off.
>Going forward, we do want to improve this with drag-n-drop, options to 
>not replicate all files in all splits, notebook scrolling arrows that 
>don't change the current page, and longer labels when there's room.  I 
>also want renameable labels, but more for tool panels in toolboxes than

>for documents.
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