[wingide-users] Tiny feature request

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Thu Jun 22 07:13:45 EDT 2006

Or use the OS X trick, make a command-key click on the tab show the  
full name?

Or allow the user to rename tabs? Sometimes I'd like that -- if I  
have half a dozen open and am shuffling back and forth all the time,  
I could be easiest to think of them by nicknames, which wouldn't  
affect the on-disk filenames. The default tab-name could be what it  
is now.

It could also help solve a basically insoluble problem: if tabs are  
small enough to be convenient they're too small to hold fully  
distinctive names.

Charles Hartman

On Jun 22, 2006, at 5:23 AM, Danny Bloemendaal wrote:

> Every now and them I have several __init__.py documents open. Problem
> is that the tabs only show a # after the filename to distinguish
> them. That is not very helpful. I would say that if you prefix the
> file with the foldername of it's container, it would be a lot more
> helpful to quickly see which one you need. I have had several
> occasions that I accidently edited the wrong file.
> Mmm, now that I think about it. Only the parent's folder wouldn't
> help when I have several files open all sitting in a content/
> folder. :-(
> So, just displaying the parent's folder doesn't always work... Then
> what? The entire path in the tab? That would be too large. Or keep
> adding paths until they are different? That would be a good start.
> Combine it with elispes:
> So I have open:
> /Users/dannyb/ZopeICE/Products/IssueTracker/content/__init__.py
> /Users/dannyb/ZopeICE/Products/SimpleBlog/content/__init__.py
> The tabs now show:
> __init__.py #1
> __init__.py #2
> They could show:
> IssueTracker/content/__init__.py
> SimpleBlog/content/__init__.py
> But that would be too long. So, use ellipses:
> IssueTracker.../__init__.py
> SimpleBlog.../__init__.py
> I think with a simple algorithm you can make this work a lot better
> that it is now. Almost every solution is better than just adding
> numbers.
> Cheers,
> Danny.
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