[wingide-users] Another thing related to tabs

Danny Bloemendaal danny.bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Thu Jun 22 05:29:40 EDT 2006

When you have splits open and you are in one edit area of a split and  
you double click a file to open. It is opened in the current split. I  
want to suggest to have it tab only show for that split and not the  
other. By having the tabs on each split makes it very hard to work on  
several files side-by-side. I would suggest the following:

* When you split the edit pane, do not duplicate the tabs.
   Instead move the tab of the current document to the new
   split and keep the other tabs in the other split.
* Every new tab is only added to the active split.
* Allow tabs to be dragged from one split to the other.
* Upon saving of the project, remember the tab distribution (and the  
* When joining splits, join the tabs too (trivial).

Right now, there are way too many tabs. And as in my previous mail,  
they all are way too similar. So with a few tiny UI changes you can  
improve the user experience quite a lot.


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