[wingide-users] feature request : jump to source when double-clicking on Traceback in debug-I/O window

Vania Smrkovski vania at pandorasdream.com
Wed Jun 21 10:11:44 EDT 2006

I for one don't need to be sold on Test Driven Development, though I
am like most such developers in that I can't quite get myself to
actually DO test driven development.

That little sin aside, I second your request, with one addition.  I
think you make a good observation in that the IDE, or more generally,
the tools you have on hand provide a great deal of influence in your
development standards and processes.  If the IDE were to be more
conducive to making test driven development easier, not just in being
able to quickly get to a code by clicking on an error, but
automatically generating code stubs when writing test cases (or the
other way around), and automatically running unit tests and seeing the
results, it would be much easier to do it.

But I gather these are more of a development path discussion, and not
features that can quickly be added in.

I'm not familiar enough with the API myself, yet, or I would write a
plug-in on my own.

On 6/20/06, GD Alcos <guy.dalberto at alcos.fr> wrote:
> Hello
> I was somewhat disapointed that WingIDE 2.1.0 did not containt the
> following feature I requested on may 4th 2006.
> I am sending it to the users's group as I hope that if some other
> people are interested and write about it to the Wing developers, it
> will be implemented before WingIde3.0.
> ====== Feature
> + when an exception traceback is displayed in *Debug/IO*
> Tool,   double-clicking on line displaying FileName and number,
>   should go to the source in an editor window   (as PythonWin,
> PyDev, Visual Studio, wScite)  or *WingIDE in the Exceptions Tool Window*
> ======
> I would think it's very useful to all developers that run UnitTests
> from the WingIDE.
> The corollary is that since it's not in Wing 2.1, either Wing
> developers don't UnitTest their product, or they don't use Wing to
> develop their code.
> I am quite agressive, but I am talking about developers that are
> *Test Infected* and write the UnitTests before the code,
> as described by  http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?CodeUnitTestFirst
> When we run those tests in a UnitTest framework, the asserts that
> fail are caught by the framework.
> The tracebacks are printed in the *Debug I/O* window, but if we use
> Wing, we cannot jump to the failed code by double-clicking on the
> traceback line.
> As it happens about once every five minutes when writing the code, it
> becomes fairly annoying very fast.
> And when we run one thousand tests and 10 of them fail, WingSupport
> proposition to stop at first Exception is quite ridiculous,
> especially if you use the  standard library
> *unittest.TestCase.failUnlessRaises*  a lot, see
> http://docs.python.org/lib/testcase-objects.html ,
> and it would stop 20 times before having the first Exception that is
> a failure and not a feature.
> It's much more pleasant to have a chat at the coffee machine while
> everything runs.
> In about two monthes I am going to do a training session for 5
> developers of a big company.
> One of the main points of the course is : <<Unit Tests>>
> I was planning to use Wing Trial edition, as the debugger is quite
> useful for stepping through the code.
> But if Wing developers do not find the time to implement such a
> simple feature (WingIDE has it in the Exception window),
> I will be obliged to use Wing only part of the course.., after all I
> can use PythonWin, PyDev, or even wScite
> Regards, Guy
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