[wingide-users] In rc2 autocomplete goes AWOL

Michael Hipp michael at hipp.com
Wed Jun 14 13:42:46 EDT 2006

At random and infrequent times autocomplete just won't seem to find a certain 
symbol. I can't for certain pin it down but it may be related to this:

Was just typing a reference to a method inside a class like:


(much later in the class)

     def MyMethod(self,...):

It won't find MyMethod even tho the method is defined later in the class and 
has been there for a long time. It may be related to the order of symbols in 
the particular file being edited. But the vast majority of the time it has no 
trouble with any of this.

Is there an elusive bug here or is it just me?

Platforms: W2k Pro SP4, WXP Pro SP2


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