[wingide-users] Javascript functions...

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Fri Jun 9 11:39:56 EDT 2006

Hugh Gibson wrote:
>> More seriously, we do want to make the analysis subsystem more
>> modular so it's easier to add other languages in the future;
> That's what I was looking for. Maybe you could look for a script called "xxx.analyze.py" for a file of extension "xxx", with a return value from a function analyze(sText) being a defined structure (e.g. list of dicts with line number, name, param list, sub-functions etc). Then people could easily insert their own parsers.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy in large part because the analyzer 
needs to be fast.  The analysis plugin support (which is theoretical 
right now) will probably require functions that act on abstract syntax 
trees and, optionally functions that convert the source text to abstract 
syntax trees.  Back in pre-Wing 1.0 days, python analysis without use 
parsing / abstract syntax trees and we quickly ran into the limitations.



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