[wingide-users] auto-completion in 2.1-rc1

Bryan Stearns stearns at osafoundation.org
Mon Jun 5 14:31:14 EDT 2006

Sorry this is vague, but I'm getting an error alert ("Error executing 
command .internal.edit.complete_autocompletion") when autocompleting 
using Enter on 2.1.0-rc1 on one (but not both) of my Windows machines.

Background: I've been upgrading to the evolving 2.1 builds as they've 
come out, and I noticed a while back that one of my development machines 
(which I only use occasionally) stopped autocompleting on "enter" 
(though it'd still autocomplete on "tab" successfully). At the time, I 
coulda sworn I'd checked the preference (Editor ->Auto-completion, 
Completion Keys), but I may not have done this (because I checked the 
preference just now and was a little confused as to which keys were 
active - I guess I expected to see checkboxes, instead of merely list 

I just upgraded that machine to 2.1.0-rc1 this weekend, and noticed the 
problem again. I looked at the preference and found, lo and behold, that 
only "tab" was selected: great, my bad. However, when I also selected 
Enter and used the Enter key to complete selection, I an alert saying: 
"Error executing command .internal.edit.complete_autocompletion", though 
the autocompletion appears to happen successfully. (Tab is still 
selected in the preference, and still autocompletes successfully without 
presenting an alert.)

I've only seen this happen on my occasional-use development machine; my 
main machine has always worked correctly when autocompleting on Enter, 
and continues to. Both machines run Windows XP Pro and are kept up with 
security patches.

(If there's anything I can try or do to help track this down, please let 
me know!)


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