[wingide-users] Completion with third party modules

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Jun 5 11:15:14 EDT 2006

Brian Brown wrote:
> In the folder with my modules (/Users/brian/Dev), I have an  
> __init__.py that has the form:
> __path__.extend([
>      '/Users/brian/Dev/TG/framework/proj',
>      '/Users/brian/Dev/TG/blathernet/proj',
>      '/Users/brian/Dev/TG/objectdbs/proj',
>      '/Users/brian/Dev/TG/gccxml/proj',
>      '/Users/brian/Dev/TG/pyDevSpace/proj'])

Wing does not detect sys.path changes made at runtime because it does 
most of its code analysis without executing any code.  I suggest you put 
the directories in the Wing project's python path setting.



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