[wingide-users] file /project handling strangeness...

emf i at mindlace.net
Sun Jul 23 17:11:40 MDT 2006


I have a fairly simple project structure; all of my code is in a root 
folder, and the presence or absence of a file in that folder represents 
its presence or absence in the project.

I can't seem to convince WingIDE to keep the project synchronized to the 
folder. There are other strangenesses about the project view as well:

a.) It is convinced that the root of the project is / , not the root 
folder of the project ( in /Users/mindlace/Source/soc2006-webui). When I 
first added the folder it put /Users at the top of the project tree, but 
after saving, quitting, and reloading now soc2006-webui is the root 
folder in the tree.

Yet when I say "show files by relative path", all filenames (including 
the Project: line) start at the root, eg. Users/..../filename.

b.) There seems to be no way for me to get rid of things that aren't on 
the filesystem any more except by selecting them one-by-one and choosing 

c.) Files and directories show up, like .svn and .DS_Store, that seem 
like they shouldn't.

Not sure what I should do with this... in Files I've set the directory 
policy to "Use current Project's Directory" and "Prepend Relative Path". 
Reload is set to auto-reload when unchanged and check every 5.0 
(somethings). Projects is set to Auto-add Newly created files.

(I'm on latest OSX / intel, just applied the last set of updates...)

~ethan fremen

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